Gold Cruiser is a part of Arctica Ocean Vibes collection inspired by the blue tides and warm seashores.

Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser
Gold Cruiser

Gold Cruiser

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Introducing the Gold Cruiser, a luxurious timepiece that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its all-golden design and navy blue dial make it a unique and striking addition to any collection. With its water-resistant features and high-quality construction, this watch is the perfect companion for any adventure. Don't miss out, shop now.
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Case size ▫️ 40mm
Case type
▫️ Stainless steel
Movement ▫️ Swiss quartz movement
Glass type
▫️ Sapphire glass
Water resistance
▫️ 50m
UV protection ▫️ Gen 2 colour shield
Hands style ▫️ Luminous

Strap width ▫️ 20mm
Strap material ▫️ Stainless steel / Mesh
Colour protection ▫️ Double coated PVD
Buckle type ▫️ Insurance lock

Gold Cruiser

"There once was a ship that put to sea..."

Once upon a time, there was a wealthy businessman who dreamed of owning the most extravagant yacht in the world - one made entirely of gold. He wasn't the first one dreaming and certainly not the last, but he was the most determined to fulfill his dream.

With a splash of cash the order was made.

Yacht arrived. And then the yacht disappeared - as one can imagine. The look of pure excitement on his face quickly turned to a horrified expression of shock, as if he had just seen a ghost, or in this case, a sunken golden yacht. As the story goes, pride comes before a fall, and the golden yacht proved to be too heavy for the water. It sank to the bottom of the harbor, never to be seen again.

Rumors have circulated for decades that a certain watch company may have stumbled upon the sunken remains of the legendary golden yacht during one of their expeditions. Some even say that the shimmer and shine of the Gold Cruiser watch is eerily similar to that of the lost boat. Coincidence or not, the truth remains a mystery.

What is the lesson of this story? While gold may not float, it can certainly withstands water. Just like our watches do.

The Gold Cruiser is more than just a watch, it's a symbol of opulence and adventure. It's a reminder that even the grandest dreams can be fleeting, but a beautiful timepiece can last a lifetime.

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Standard delivery times vary from 3 to 7 days depending on the destination country, so you can expect your watch to be on your wrist in no time.

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THT stands for a small but ambitious watchmaking brand located in the picturesque town of Sipoo, Finland.

Founded in 2017, our mission is to create a collection of watches that are not only stylish and reliable, but also environmentally responsible. We use high-quality materials such as sapphire crystal glass and 316L stainless steel, as well as Swiss movements for precision and durability.

Our watches are designed to appeal to the socially conscious consumer, who values both style and substance. We also strive to offer the best value for money in the industry, so you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that you've made a smart investment in a watch that will last for years to come.

Join us in our mission to make watches better, together.


THT Watches are designed and assembled in Sipoo, Finland.

Our mission is to shape the best possible watches for everyday use. Details of Arctica collection are thoughtfully architectured to create an elegant and intricate essence that is exquisite in style and comfortability.

The light and sleek timepiece is pleasant for cozy free time, inspiring work and memorable life moments.

Style and sustainability

Every THT watch is equipped with strong sapphire crystal glass. This anti-scratch material provides long lifetime and spectacular shine for decades to come. It is much stronger than mineral glass or sapphire coated mineral glass often used for other watches.

Watch details are also made from the finest raw materials. We use 316L stainless steel for watch cases, markers and hands. It is one of the most durable steel materials manufactured for demanding environments.

Colourful elements are double coated with protective PVD which gives the watch brightness and saturation for an extra long lifetime.


The great history of watchmaking was founded in Switzerland. More than 100 of years the Swiss have provided the most precise and reliable watch movements in the world.

Our Swiss movements have quartz crystals that vibrate 32 768 times a second. Each vibration cycle is electrically measured which gives the watch ultimate accuracy to run in time.

All movements go through an inspection program before final preparation and shipping the watch from our local shop.


It's not necessary to spend money on multiple watches. An extra strap can give your watch a new style.

All Arctica straps are interchangeable and easily adaptable for different outfits.

Remember to check out our strap collection!


THT Watches are designed with world-class quality and comfortability as a priority from the finest raw materials. Our passionate attention to detail culminates in the unique, elegant and dynamic THT Arctica collection. We are proud and delighted to start delivering our watches around the globe. It's a step towards a more responsible fashion world with excellence in craft that can last for generations.

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