Thank You for shopping at our online store! THT Watches presents handmade watches with unique charm and world-class sustainability. →
Our story is based on longtime watch enthusiasm and something one could call “creative Finnish foolery.” The journey unites one person’s handicraft skills to another’s passionate vision. It's founded on a friendship with long nights out, meetings in timeless Finnish nature and many, many profound discussions at a campfire. It's also the outcome of years of intent watch design work and examination.
THT Watches speaks for curiosity, ambition and drive for success. The company was founded in a small town called Söderkulla nearby Finnish capital Helsinki in 2017. Our mission is to offer the best price-value ratio in quality and style on the market. We believe we can make watches better.
The first stripes were drawn five years ago as we started designing THT watch collections. Since then, lots of water has flown in the local river as we say in Finland. Together we’ve continued to research and grow our business for the love of watches. We design, assemble, market and ship our products from our local shop directly to You.
Together we want to set an example that anything is possible if you keep striving for your dreams. This is written by us. The store is designed by us. We hope your next watch is be made by us.

Quality shouldn't break the bank. The world needs style and sustainability right now.

That is what we stand for.

Jarno Toivio


Petja Haapaniemi