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Introducing the epitome of timepiece sophistication: THT Watches proudly unveils the Orion Blue Edition.

Exuding precision and elegance, this flagship model features the esteemed ETA Caliber 2824-2 movement, housed in a sleek blue design with sapphire glass and a stainless steel wristband. Elevate your style and embrace unmatched quality with 100m water resistance. Experience excellence with every second – secure your Orion Blue Edition today.
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Case size ▫️ 40mm
Case type
▫️ Stainless steel
Serial number
▫️ Individual
Glass type
▫️ Sapphire glass
Water resistance
▫️ 100m
UV protection ▫️ Gen 2 colour shield
Date ▫️ Automatic
Hands ▫️ Luminous

Strap width ▫️ 20mm
Strap material ▫️ 316L stainless steel
Colour protection ▫️ Double coated PVD
Buckle type ▫️ Butterfly lock

Manufacturer ▫️ ETA, Swiss made
Caliber number ▫️ 2824-2
Movement type ▫️ Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Power Reserve ▫️ 38 hours
Hand winding direction ▫️ Clockwise


The THT Orion ascends to celestial heights, mirroring the brilliance of the Orion constellation from which it draws its name. With the revered ETA Caliber 2824-2 movement at its core, this timepiece embodies the precision and legacy reminiscent of its mythological namesake, the legendary hunter Orion.

Originating from the esteemed Swiss company ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, renowned since 1856 for its exceptional watch movements, the ETA 2824-2 stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Evolving from the original Eterna caliber 1427, this second-generation movement, designated by the "-2", has been in production since 1982, earning acclaim as a stalwart among watch aficionados.

Complemented by THT Watches' distinctive design and meticulous attention to detail, the Orion emerges as a striking fusion of elegance and masculinity, redefining the essence of timeless sophistication.

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Welcome to THT, a small yet visionary watchmaking brand nestled in the charming town of Sipoo, Finland.

Since our inception in 2017, we've been driven by a singular mission: crafting a collection of timepieces that embody style, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our watches, from the use of premium materials like sapphire crystal glass and 316L stainless steel to the incorporation of Swiss movements for unparalleled precision and longevity.

At THT, we cater to those who seek more than just a timepiece – individuals who value style with a purpose. Our watches are designed to resonate with the socially conscious individual, offering a blend of sophistication and sustainability. Moreover, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for money, ensuring that your investment in our timepieces is not just a purchase, but a long-term partnership.

Join us on our journey to redefine watchmaking, one conscientious choice at a time. Experience the THT difference today and discover watches that are not only beautiful, but also better for the planet and your pocket.

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The ETA Caliber 2824-2 movement is a highly respected and reliable Swiss-made automatic movement commonly used in premium wristwatches.

Known for its accuracy and durability, it has been in production since 1982 and is considered a workhorse movement.

With a reputation for precision timekeeping, it's a popular choice among watch enthusiasts and is widely regarded as a hallmark of quality craftsmanship.

How does it work?

An automatic movement, also known as self-winding, operates without the need for a battery. It harnesses the motion of your wrist to power the watch.

Inside, a rotor moves with your arm's motion, winding the mainspring, which stores energy. As the mainspring unwinds, it powers the watch, driving the gears that move the hands and regulate time. This process continues as long as the watch is worn regularly, making it self-sustaining and eliminating the need for manual winding or battery replacements.


Sapphire glass, used in THT Watches, is renowned for its exceptional durability and scratch resistance. It's made from synthetic sapphire, one of the hardest materials on Earth after diamond.

This ensures that THT Watches maintain their clarity and beauty even with daily wear, offering long-lasting protection for the dial and enhancing the overall quality of the timepiece.


THT Watches are designed with world-class quality and comfortability as a priority from the finest raw materials. Our passionate attention to detail culminates in the unique, elegant and dynamic THT watch collections. We are proud and delighted to deliver our watches around the globe. It's a step towards a more responsible fashion world with excellence in craft that can last for generations.

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